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Acupuncture, Nutrition Response Testing , NCI (Neuro Cranial Integration)

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Share the experiences of our treatment. and how they changed!


“Good morning, my name is Ted Simpson, I’m coming to tell you my history. Very simple, doctors told me years ago I was dying simply because I was not taking care of myself. I have diabetes issues, I have liver issues, I have kidney issues and I definitively have overweight issues. One doctor went as far as to tell me I was dead but nobody would tell me that. So that is why I was still walking around. I’ve tried everything I could do to get better but nothing seem to work. My precious wife brought me to 3 Angels Health Center and that’s when I noticed that Dr. Song has something a little more special. She dealt with those little special things, the organs that you must have to live by, and what she did is put me on some supplements, made me work out a little bit and not only did my diabetes subside, it’s now been 4 months since I’ve taken any medicine for diabetes and I was taking 6 shots a day before coming here! That alone could make me jump and shout and scream hallelujah! But it just didn’t end there, I’m also on the waiting list for a liver transplant. I had only 20% usage of my liver but after working on the supplements, and the diet program, exercise program, my liver is now over 50% use. It’s regenerating. And it’s all due to the fact that I’m following the program. It’s not something hard. It doesn’t throw you off. It doesn’t make you say “Oh, I gotta eat this again…” No! it’s a joyous thing. You just follow the simple plan as given and, not only will your organs regenerate and get better, but if you’re like me and you’re needing to lose weight.. see back in the 90’s I was 371 pounds. This very morning, I’m 200.3 pounds. Again, another thing to jump and shout about! I have clothes hanging in the closet that I will not put on again because they’re way too big, and that’s great! Now, of course I got to go buy new clothes but that is a joyous budget, I can handle that! But my coming here has given me new hope, new life and, definitively a new joy.” ~Ted S. 2/8/2016

Ted Simpson